5th International Auto/Biography Conference in Mainz (July 27-31, 2006)

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Dear colleagues and friends,

we trust that you have safely returned to your home institutions, hopefully with new insights into the mediation of auto/biography. We enjoyed your participation in the 5th IABA conference here at Mainz very much and found ourselves richly rewarded for its organization. On behalf of the whole team I would like to thank you very much for having come to Mainz and for your contributions to the program. Autobiographically, I am also pleased to inform you that my purloined briefcase was found hidden away in a dark chamber of the city hall.

We are now preparing the publication of selected papers for a conference volume to appear next year from the publishing house Winter Verlag in Heidelberg. Please send us your manuscripts as e-mail attachments by September 15 to be considered for inclusion in this volume. All authors whose papers are selected for publication will be asked to prepare camera-ready manuscripts following our style sheet in due time.

To supplement and enhance your personal memories, we have attached to our official website a nice medley of photographs taken at the conference, including the official conference photo, pictures from our trip to Bacharach and from Trevor Rhone's performance "Bellas Gate Boy". They document the academic nature and pleasant atmosphere of the event.

Looking forward to receiving your manuscripts we send you our very best wishes.

Kind regards, Alfred

Prof. Alfred Hornung • American Studies • Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz • PF 3980 • 55099 Mainz • Phone: +49 - 61 31 - 3 92 35 35 • Fax: +49 - 61 31 - 3 92 55 77 • Email: hornung@uni-mainz.de

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5th International Auto/Biography Conference in Mainz (July 27-31, 2006), 29.05.2007
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